Alifah Amelya

Sorry guys! Another sorry from me. I know...i seems like forever for me to update my blog. Well, actually i'm on to something at this very moment; or should i say some business.

Actually i've just started my own business. Not the typical-multilevel-kind of business. I'm venturing on event-management-kind of business. It's something i've been wanting to do a long time ago, and since this is my last semester [amiiiinnn....], i might as well as get it started from now.

Frankly speaking, starting a business is never easy but if you enjoy doing it, i'm sure it will last. Not saying that i'm good at doing this business thing [my degree is on Engineering if you havn't know] but at least i'm trying to learn each twist and turn of this business journey. Thank Allah i have lots of supports from my family and my friends especially my parents.

So, my advice to my friends or anyone out there that want to start a business, go for it man! There are lots of oppoturnities out there waiting for us to discover. Good Luck!

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