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Just writing something that is going on my mind. Yup, as the title shown, my wish list. Actually i got lots of things that i want to do, i mean exciting and unexpected things; something out of the blue to make my life more meaningful. For the time being, all these can't be accomplish mainly because i have no money ha3. *i'm still a student what do you expect* Wait till i earn my own money and i will fulfill it one by one. *hopefully i have the time*

The first on my wish list is i want to learn to play guitar. I hope i'm not too old to learn them when the time comes. For me, guitar is one of the music instruments that people can easily fall in love to when played. Like when i saw Aizat AF5 or Ajai played it on tv, they seem very fun and enjoyed it very much *they make it look as if very easy to learn* My friend thought me once for almost a week. *after i've been bugging him all the time ha3* It was hark work for both me and him coz i'm lefthanded, so when i play the guitar will be upside down ha3. Since buying a left handed guitar is out of the question *__* so i decided to quit ha3. Back then i didn't have the patience *so does my friend* compared to the current 'me', i think now i'm much more matured and can handle matters by the book. *ha3 masuk bakul angkat sendiri* All i need is the right teacher and the time to properly learn it, and of cource a guitar. I'm planning on buying my own left handed guitar next year and buy just a dummy book on how to play guitar and learn it all by myself.

The next on my wish list may sound a bit outrageous but hey, this is my list why you care? ha3. i want to dive with the sharks. Yup, you see it right ---> sharks.

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I really admire those biologist i saw in Animal Planet shows. They seem to dive with sharks carefeely; as if they were leisurely walk in the park with cats. *sometimes i wonder do i need to watch more MTV and Channel V hmmm...* On second thought, maybe this will be the last thing on my wish list.
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  1. a s i e l a Says:

    halamak! shark pule. better to put it last skali yer. for better or worst. dan juga nilai insurans yg tinggi. eheheheheh. peace! ;p