Alifah Amelya

Life is full of
shit choices.

Sooner or later you must choose.


I hate to choose.

Can't i have all?

"Amelya, jangan tamak please..."

Baeklah. Saya akan pilih.

Choice #1
Full time student

<u>Choice #2
Part time student; Part time business woman

Choice #3
Full time business woman

Choice #4
Part time student; Part time employee

Choice #5
Full time employee

Choice #6
Part time student; Part time business woman; Part time employee
[combo yang paling lengkap!]

Ok rite now i'm on #2.

Do i need to change to improve my life?


How am i to know?

That's just one part of it.

I have more to decide.

Choice A
Dormitory - 2 person room

Choice B
Flatler - Single room
Have more privacy

Choice C
Rent an apartment/house
Nearer to my office + no traffic jam + avoid late-to-work incidents

and voila, that's the second part.

"Amelya, now choose between blogging and studying for exam."

Erk....baeklah. Saya berhenti di sini. [dengan nada yang pasrah]

Lepas exam baru fikir lagi.

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