Alifah Amelya

Have you ever saw and heard people talking to their pet cats? For cat lovers, that is not an out of the ordinary scene. It’s a common practice. But have you ever wonder why on earth do they do it? It’s not like they understand what the cat is actually meowing about. What’s more is that the cat CANNOT and WILL NEVER figure out what owners said to them.

Well guys, if you ever thought or felt that way obviously you are wide of the mark. Owners and pets do really understand each other. They really do. Watch this.

The truth is, cats actually do all kinds of things that we usually do. For instance, cats also gossip among each other, but not in front of humans. They just don’t feel cool showing it to us. Don’t believe me? Watch this.

Have you ever hurt someone with your foul and awful words? You feel terrible soon after that because you were just too angry and you don’t mean any words that slip out of your mouth. That happens to cats too. Argument is inevitable when your spouse was cheating on you. After watching this, you should understand why you should not interfere with cat squabbles on the street.

This is the last and probably my most favorite video. I don’t know what this grumpy cat was ranting about but obviously she has issues with dogs, John and Johnson. Folks, please don’t irritate any cat out there or you might be the next on her hate list.

p/s: YouTube is sooooooo much fun to watch when you know where to find