Alifah Amelya

It’s Friday and you know what that means right? Weekend is here bebeh~! It’s the time when you get to hang out with your family and friends watching movies or maybe just simply chill out and facebook-ing at your warm cozy home. Most people especially the working citizens zealously look forward to weekends after spending 5 nerve-wracking days at work. Just merely thinking about it can send them flying high in the sky.

Unfortunately for me, it’s the total opposite. I never look forward to weekends as much as others. Weird huh? Let’s just say that my current lifestyle is the main reason behind it.

My weekend goes like this: I have to tutor two SPM students in the mornings so that I can fit in other plans later; which means I have to get up early because it’s a one hour drive from my home (that is if I’m not stuck in traffic jams). Dude, I literally have wake up damn early on Saturdays and Sundays. Who does that but me? Am I cool or what? Hahaha~ Then there are times when I have to do favors for Emak like fetching my lil’ sis from asrama for outing then sending her back.

It gets better during the month of Syawal when everyone is inviting everyone for open houses on weekends, and not forgetting also the kenduri kahwin invitations. I once got 3 invitations in a day (not to brag or anything) which I insist on attending if I have the time, because I strongly believe that it is the simplest yet courteous gesture to show that you care for your family and friends. So, I end up spending most of my weekend time behind wheels. Late at night when I reach home, I just wanted to have a nice warm bath and go to bed.

I’m not complaining or anything here; in fact I enjoyed having a busy and hectic weekend. It’s just that the weekends squeeze a little bit more brain juice out of me because I have to plan my time wisely or I’ll end up missing any of the invitations. Last minute plans are a big NO NO; will totally be disastrous. Well, honestly it’s not necessarily disastrous, because the adrenalin rush of last minute plans can sometimes be exciting, but I would really try to avoid it as much as possible.

There you have it. So, to my cousins and friends out there, especially my dear Fatin, I’m so very sorry if I can’t be there for you. You have to make extra early appointments to avoid disappointments (hey, this sentence rhymes!). But I’m totally available on weekdays though. To all weekenders, go out and have a blast! You absolutely deserve it. :))

p/s: bila baca balik entri ni, rasa macam diva yang gedik lak…. >.<

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