Alifah Amelya

In less than 9 hours, I'll be going to Mentakab. The timing's nice~ right when I wanted to. I feel the need to escape from everything for a while. I have to do some serious thinking about certain things: my life, my feelings, my relationship...

The time limit is almost end and I have yet find out my true feelings for him. Haish~ I hate this kind of uncertainty; it's sucking the life and joy out of me. The sooner I decide the better; so that I can get rid of this heavy weight from my shoulder. But, if only it was that easy. Damn!

Hopefully when I'm back home, I have figured out what my heart truly desires; what my purpose truly serves; what everything means to me and at the same time enjoy the trip.

A joke my parents pulled off while planning this trip:

Oh, nanti kita nak tido kat hotel kan? mesti ada swimming pool. kalo macam ni mak kena beli bikini la.

Amy, ingatkan ayah contact lifeguard kat sana nanti. soh diorang siap2kan pam. nak kena pam air dari sg pahang bila mak ko terjun masuk swimming pool.

So, what can I say? It's in the gene. I'm just following their footsteps ha3. That's all for now. Need to go to bed. Early day tomorrow. (or should i say today?)

p/s: let's see how long i can survive without facebook. weeeee~
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