Alifah Amelya

Have you ever strolled around the city to find some hot guys with not-so-hot fashion sense that made you secretly wish the fashion police could arrest them and send them to some sort of fashion rehab facility?

I did! So, I decided to make this poll to find out which of the following is the worst fashion crime ever committed by men. Feel free to vote more than once :)

Sleeveless T Shirts

T Shirt tucked into Jeans

Hawaiian Shirts

Bling Bling

Baggy Jeans

T Shirts with kain pelekat

Sandal with socks

Skinny Jeans

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3 Responses
  1. Azx Cream Says:

    i like men in baggy jeans..hehehe~

  2. R.K Says:

    hoi , T's with pelikat is AWESOME !

  3. cik eskrim: ye ke? kalo geram je tgk sluar baggy nih, rasa mcm nak tarik je

    jack: mmg awesome la kalo ke surau/masjid. tapi kalo ke pavi pkai cmtuh, dah mcm mat bangla da. hahahaha~